Bois Locker Room- A girl posed as a boy to provoke a sexual assault. Full incident and news

Bois Locker Room room incident-

Bois Locker Room- A girl posed as boy to provoke sexual assault on herself. Full incident and news

Bois locker room is a private Instagram group of schoolboys. The matter hiked when screenshots of group chat get viral. Some are young as 14 years old, sharing morphed photos of teenage girls, making violent and explicit, comments about bodies, sharing raping ideas. Bois locker room trend on twitter for 3 days. Not only bois locker room there is another chat group name girl locker room, where girl do same this. After bois locker room creating Strom on the social media platform, the cyber cell branch of Delhi police took action members of the bois locker room. A 15-year-old juvenile and 20 other accused involved in the bois locker room case.

Who will do justice- court or public?

After bois locker room incident viral on the internet, our so-called feminism society blames on boys and our so-called feminist girl play victim. Very famous dialogue for this case ‘ in India, a man is always guilty until proven innocent while a woman is always innocent until proven guilty.’ A teenage girl posed s boy to provoked sexual assault on herself.- the cyber cell of Delhi police says. The fake profile created on Snapchat and discussed sexually assault on a girl with another boy.

Current status on arrest

The police arrest two adults related to bois locker room and an active member in the group. More than 24 students connected with the case have also examined. “we have registered a case, made arrest. We also collected detail of members of the group from their educational institutions, as well as from friends and acquaintances.”- the officer said. He also said “the group admin, a resident of Noida, was arrested the day after the registration of the case. More than 24 student links to bois locker case have been examined.

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