Should we eat mud and stones

“Should we eat mud and stones here in the city? Its better that we go back to our village. At least there we will get to eat roti and salt.” These painful word given by daily earning migrant labour of india. Due to Corona virus outbreak, India government locked down India for 21 days to break the chain transmission of covid-19. its hard time for every Indian people but its hell time for who earn daily basic. 

Government not only responsible to announce the lockdown but also measures the impact after lockdown. Government take back Indian who lived in foreign country back to India. Those people who never want to come back to India, even they not come India for vote. Many people don’t want to come in India. But this time they request to our government for bring them back to India because due to corona virus outbreak. WHY?

What happened to those people who live in the country from birth. They give vote to form strong and healthy government. In hope of in worst time they help.  

We all known India struggling in 21 days lockdown period. But this lockdown period give hardest hit to migrant labour, who work in big cities as daily wagers. With no source of income they can’t afford food. So they decided to reach their by home by walk thousand of kilometer. Lakhs of them with children in tow began heading back to their villages within and across state borders. On foot, as there is no public transport either.

WEBTIVIE.ONLINE requested to you to sign petition  asking the Central governments and state governments to coordinate a rescue and relief operation.

Just click this link to sign petition. Your few minute are help to those migrant to reach their home safely.

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