Teenagers pakistani boys raped kitten in lahore

We don’t know where humanity is going on. 7 teenagers pakistani boys  raped a kitten to death in lahore. Horrifying incident of animal cruelty come to light after JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter, an animal rights organisation, inform this crime on facebook social media platform. 

teenagers pakistani boys raped kitten in lahore

JFK Animal Rescue and shelter says on facebook post

The JFK Animal Rescue and shelter facebook post says,  ‘She could not walk, she could not eat, she could not sit, she never slept due to the pain and trauma. When she was taken to the vet he took out lots of sperm, blood, and lots of shoppers that were used by those boys for raping the kitten’.

teenagers pakistani boys raped kitten in lahore

JFK Animal Rescue And Shelter also said in its Facebook post, “This is Pakistan, and these are Pakistani men. Men are choosing animals for rape now after women and minors. Who will get justice for this hand-sized little kitten when our women and children are not given justice after rape?

Kitten taken for treatment but couldt be saved. Animal rights organization says, The kitten is buried and surely speaking to God up there about whatever happened to her in this cruel world. The girl literally prayed for the kitten to be taken by God because she could not see her misery and pain.”

Even animal is not safe in pakistan

Rape a kitten by 6 pakistani people shows the mentality of pakistan. If animals are not safe in pakistan then what expect, Minority people lives safe there in pakistan. Daily news comes from pakistan on abduct minority community girl and forced to convert in islam and married or die. They threat thier girl family for religion conversion in islam. 

But the government can’t look at matters in their own country, they are too busy to blame India. Well this is the reality of pakistan. 

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