Who is joker

Who is joker, we are all joker. Recently I watched a movie joker. In the Batman movie, I think Joker is wrong.  But in the joker movie, I realize we are all Arthur, who struggle for their life. Rich man getting richer and poor man going deep poor.  India awarded the most hungry country in the index list. Our so-called Modi government is not able to feed food for poor people. Oh, they are able to feed richer people. There are so many incidents happened around me, to prove why joker says everything is correct.  Girl rape is a more serious issue in India but the government focus on what opposition does, how to crush them. That’s why we called incredible India. What happened to Badaiyu gang rape, no news channel show. In newspaper agency focus on Indrani Mukerjea’s case, but they don’t show Assam Flood. Recently BIHAR faces heavy Flood due to rain, media houses don’t have time to show this news. I’m sorry they broadcast when political parties blaming each other after Flood.  They publish what politicians say, they don’t publish what happened to people after Flood. I know the answer, they are poor, not rich, they are common Indians who pay taxes for development for India not high profile celebs. Our fucking media house busy in what Tamiur does, they don’t give fucking shit what common people facing the problem. Joker is the ideal person for all common people because these fucking rich people and their slave fucking media houses don’t show our problems. We are all jokers.

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