Aban offshore is India offshore drilling service provider mainly for ONGC. Aban share price starts with 3 rupees and after few years it hit above 5000 thousand rupees. But after some time, the share price starts decreasing. The Aban offshore founded in 1986. the recent Share price of Aban offshore is highly volatile and it doest forecast profit in the next few years.

Aban offshore analysis

  • Earning has declined over the past 5 years.
  • Rising in net cash flow is a good sign for the company.
  • A company can generate net cash.
  • No growth in revenue and profit
  • Annual net profit decline.
  • Book value per share decreasing in the last 2 year
  • Stock with low PE
  • Return vs industry and Return vs market returned are in negative -18.6 percent over the previous year.
  • The fair value of Aban offshore share is 814.90 and the current share of Aban off show is very low. So it is undervalued share price
  • PE vs industry and PE vs market is also unprofitable.
  • PB vs industry has negative assets

Aban offshore share price target

it is hard to determine the future target. It may be returning around 20 to 26 percent return.

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