Is weed bad or good, first let’s see History of Marijuana in Hindu culture. why marijuana banned in IndiaIs weed bad or good, History of Marijuana in Hindu culture. Banned

History of marijuana in Hindu mythology and why marijuana banned in India.

In 1985, prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi banned Marijuana weed under the pressure of the united state. Marijuana is made from the dry flower of cannabis (Sativa main plant.). we also call them weed, pot grass, etc. Hemp is also part of this family. Using leaf and see to hemp(bhang). But hemp is not banned in India. In fact, both give the same effect on the human body. But different is marijuana is smoke and hemp is edible. Hemp does not ban in India due to Hindu cultural reasons. But marijuana is also part of Hindu culture. In Hindu religious textbook ATHARVA VEDA (XI, 6.15) chapter 6 varak No. 6 verse No 15 say marijuana is the top five scared plant on earth. Even in the top religious book of Hinduism say cannabis is a source of happiness, joy giver, and peace.

Why banned in India?

This story starts in 1961 when the UN declares marijuana put in synthetic drugs category under the pressure of the US. UN says its also just like other drugs like cocaine heroine. But India refuses to ban weed in India because at this time much ayurvedic medicine made with the help of marijuana. But in 1985 it banned in India. The most shocking factor is the US lift up the ban in many states and more than 40 countries legalize marijuana. After legalizing marijuana in Netherland the crime rate minimizes and consumption of alcohol is low. In the US legalize weed state crime rate is low, consumption of drugs, alcohol are low. But after banned in India illegal market of drugs grow fastly.

Is weed bad or good?

If we take something more than capacity it is bad for health. But if we take in limit marijuana show positive results. In research on marijuana, it proves marijuana help in the treatment of Gastric, Appetizer, Fat, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Jaundice, Pain Killer, Sexual problem, and cancer.

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